District Urban Development Agency

The following archives can be reviewed: 1st Chief Minister’s Economic Welfare Scheme & 2nd Chief Minister Self Employment Program Mr. Mahendra Kumar Patel, the post steno has been nominated for the observation of the record. Prescribed Fees for Receipt of Records: – Copy of 4 sized (one side) ————- 2.00 rupees. – Copy of 3 size (one side) ————- 4.00 rupees. Time of observation – 2:30 pm to 5.00 pm (working day) Scheduled dates for viewing (working days) In https://bstcitas.es/ event of no observation on the said date, fixed on the upcoming local job listings office day.

The archive can be shown. Note – During the observation of the interview, the applicant will be accompanied by an ink pen, dot pen and photography. Mobile, Camera etc. can not be kept. Office Collector (District Urban Development Agency) Jabalpur M.

Information about the schemes run by the department (Room Number- 96 & 97) No. Name of the scheme, the competent authority for the purpose of disposal of the purpose / provision of the scheme 1 2 3 4.

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